NSF GRFP Reviewers

Welcome to the NSF GRFP Reviewer Registration System. This is the reviewer management system for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).

The GRFP provides fellowships to outstanding, early career graduate students pursuing research-based masters and doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and STEM Education.

Please visit https://nsfgrfp.org for more details on GRFP. NSF is committed to compiling a reviewer pool comprised of a diverse mix of researchers, scientists, engineers, and educators from a wide range of institutions, geographic locations, and academic disciplines.

Why Serve?

Serving as a GRFP Reviewer is an excellent opportunity to:
  • Be of service to the STEM community.
  • Gain firsthand knowledge of the GRFP review process.
  • Receive valuable perspective on the NSF Merit Review criteria.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Reviewers must be affiliated with a United States-based institution or organization.
  • Students and post-docs are ineligible to review.


  • The review process will be conducted online.
  • Reviewers must attend an orientation webinar and be familiar with all reviewer training materials and requirements.
  • Reviewers evaluate applications similar to graduate school admission packages. Applications include a personal statement, graduate research statement, educational background information, transcripts, and reference letters.
  • Reviewers will be assigned 20-25 applications and may receive more as the program needs.
  • Reviewers will receive a flat payment of $200 for review of applications and participation in the virtual panel.
    Reviewers who are Federal employees, citizens of foreign countries who are not permanent residents, and special visa holders are not eligible for this payment.
    Reviewers may waive payment, if required by their employment or by choice.


  • Registration Opens: Mid-July
  • Invitations Sent: Starting November
  • Reviewer Orientation: Early to Mid November
  • Review Starts: Early December
  • Virtual Panels: Mid-January - one-day (five-hours)
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